An innovative and collaborative cloud computing company.

Sorry, we're closed since 2016. You can find the pitch below:

About Infraless

Infraless is an Innovative and Collaborative Cloud Computing Company.

We supply computing power to our customers, allowing them to speed up their computations as well as to give them the possibility to develop new products, services and features.

At first, it may be thought as another competitor to big companies and their well-thought-but-too-much-features services like Amazon AWS or Google Cloud. But it's not. And it couldn't, because we don't have any private datacenters to rent.

Instead, we play collaborative.

Being in the customer’s intranet network, or even in the entire world wide web through partner websites, we gather the unused resources of all connected computers, through web browsers, without the need to install anything. This way, customers have access to a great amount of computing power, for cheap, in a private cloud within the intranet or in a massive and collaborative public cloud over the web.

Note that it’s not complicated to use as we provide a simple API, and can develop customer specific modules to fit with their needs.

As we value the unused processing power of internet users computers through our network of websites partners, a real bonus effect is associated to the use of our public-cloud solution:

- Webmasters are remunerated for their audience, like online ads are doing. This way we provide an alternative funding for any online content creator who wants to join the network.

- It develops a more ethical web, where internet users are NOT necessary the product of online ads, leading to user tracking and a loss of privacy. We do not sell "human brain time" but only their non-used "computer's processing time", without any negative impact on the user experience.

Customers contribute to an ethical and global web economy, just doing their job faster and cheaper. What else?

This project was selected and supported by the LyonStartup program in 2015